Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kasa Final

So heere I am,u kno just chillin after a subdued weekend
Den she calls me "We havta talk"
Ok o,I get there n she starts tellin me abt this dude dats pressurin her to go out wiv him n all;
her parents dnt like him; her siblings dont like him; her friends sont like him; she doesn't like him cos he's a player..........
"So wat is d problem?" I ask.U hav no probs na,just tell him no,simple.
"Its not dat simple,there's stil a prob" She said
"Wat prob?" I ask. Well wat we hav isn't gettin us anywhere says she.
"Wat we hav?" I ask in suprise."Yeah,I nid smeone n u still hav issues wiv dat girl" "U mean my GF?"
"Yeah" she said."Wat does dis hav to do wiv u havin or not havin a prob abt dis dude?i see no prob"
"Well,my family likes u,my friends like u; dunno y but they do." she says.
"So how is dis related?" I ask wiv a sinkin feeling in my stomach
"The problem is I LOVE YOU" she said.
I'm in trouble........

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nu direction Oh Lord...

i've bin thinking about starting my own company for about a year now........ think I know what i want to go in2 bis'ness for. But i need ideas, experience, mentorship, business plans.......SO MUCH TO FRICKIN DO!!!!
Lord I need ur Inspiration, not just surface stuff but deep, deep lightbulb shining Lord!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok na!

Did sometin today dat I feel so dirty n low abt....
Think I need to break the habit...Its not goin to lead to any decisive conclusion,we both know that but guilty pleasures are often the sweetest..... Can stil smell the scent in the air
This is me daring myself to MOVE!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

me life so far............

Ok a recap of wats bin goin on in my life.......
I graduated school ....albiet wit a crappy result but I finished so THERE!!!!!
I'm stuck @ home.........I haven't bin dis bored in my life.True Story.
I missed NYSC twice (march and august set) due to d incompetent idiots called clerical staff of Geology dept,OOU. A resounding 'God punish them' is in order.....
I attended the GIS course of NIIT, Ikeja. why do good things end.......
I attended RCCG's convention....IT WAS D BOMB!! Nuff said.
I attended Sunday @ the Bay hoste by Tosyn n Osagie(who's a chic).....free food, lovely music n hot, sexy, smoking girls....again, Nuff Said!!
went to Ondo to put me Granma to ground,,was cool....
Still the main attraction for the fav game show in my house (Who can torture Kofo more;Mom or Dad?). As usually, Mom's d fav for winner dis year..........
Now the latest is dat some juves in ma hood are jostling for my attention.....as if.....though it wuld b fun to see what those chicken heads wuld do 2 get me..Hmnnnnn this mite get ugly!!
PS:I kissed a girl n I'm gettin addicted to it!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My life sucks rite now............its so boring I hav resorted to perpin eveel just to make tins interesting. My God, wat is wrong with me? What am I doing? Dis ain't right, nooo its so not right at all.