Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet anoda one

Hey pple.

So I watched the Uugly truth today.....freakin hilarious film! Yall need to check it out.

Some chic n I have bin flirting back and forth ova the fone...See we had something back in skool but it didn't really work out and we stayed friends.That was until she wanted to be friends with benefits. now I(well Que) has nutin against been friends with benefits but there's a list of problems
1. She had a BF that i know
2. She's emotionally unstable and will want us to take it serious
3. She doesn't like using condoms
You see,the first 2 are bad enuff but no CONDOMS?? WTF?? and she has told me about 2 guys she has nailed after she broke up wiv her BF......

NOT HAPPENING!!!! After i just got over a HIV test scare earlier in the year.I am not carrying load dat is not my own abeg...She even gives the stupid exscuse that the condom chafes her...LUBE BABY! LUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moving on...

NYSC's ova...After one day of joblessness I came to this conclusion...IT SUCKS! Ur boi needs a job!
Ok i'm done..imma hola at yall later! One

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random musings.....

Hey my people wats good?

Sori I've been MIA for so long.

Been going thru a lot lately...I'm about to finish my servitude (aka NYSC) so I'm looking at the rest of my life and I'm scared. Why? Bcos i don't have a clue what i want to do.

It was cute when i was 17 but men I'm almost 25 now...not knowing is a bitch.

its not just that.My emotions have been in a mess lately.its affecting every aspect of my life. i've become lethargic to a lot of things(hence the absence from blogsville). its like all i wanna do is jst exist and nothing more....

Even concerning women....yeah I know I'm shocked too. And all of a sudden evryone starts asking where my girlfriend is and when i'm gonna get one n ohhh u aren't getting younger oh u nid to stop faffing around n settle down n all dat. So much foofaraw ova nufink....

Is it ok for a dude to like Beyonce's nu album so much? Cos i'm addicted to it..Esp Sweet dreams,Radio,Hello(dats my slow jam for life!)...Even that annoying song Diva's stuck in ma head..
Sori my update sounds whiny....I'll post something more constructive lerra