Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pain of My Love

the pain in my heart beats in tyme with my heart beat
my heart speaks in rhyme with the pain of my heart beat

You are out of my heart's reach
but you are stil my heart's beat

you r the centre of the flows
that my heart spills like life giving blood
pumping thru the veins of this page

Cold forged words
Tempered with the heat of love

Cold heat in my blood
confirms my love......
I love you.

A lil sometin for the end of d year....

Qube the Wordsmith '09

before 2009 closes

hey people....

Of course I was gonna do an end of the year post....

Well 2009 has come to an was full of ups and downs.....highs and lows....

I learnt a lot in 2009.

-You might not like d way someone loves you....but it doesn't mean they don't love you...
-I made a mistake been a science student....
-i've met a lot of lovely people over the year....bloggers included. So to these bloggers thanks for making my year rock: Exschoolnerd, Wellsbaba , Charizard, Capoeira Panda, Gozzim,Rayo....
-Family's family...even if they behave like spawns of depraved monsters....
-ladies r the most confusing creatures in this in...its like....MSCHEWWWW!!!!
-I've totally immersed myself in Naija music.....
-Ref to the family crack....never stop telling them you love them. My friend lost her mum in the early hours of the min she was laughing wiv her,the next they were declaring her dead in the hospital. This is to everyone i should tell this. I'm not perfect.....i make mistakes ....but thank you for loving me anyways. And I love you too.

I think I'll keep the new year resolutions (which I will go about breaking promptly heheheheehe) until we meet in the new year.

This is to you my readers.....May God keep you in His Shadow and protect you. You and yours will know no harm this festive season. We will all meet again in 2010. Thank you for sticking with me this year. Though I nearly closed the blog several times, it was yall that kept me going.

Merry Xmas in arrears and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Long time

Sori about beem incommunicado for this long. been trying to sort several things out....get my life back on track as such.

-Been at home is a bitch. Ur parents and siblings get on your nerves,d devil builds a workshop in u and everything is just soo bleh...

-Naija's music industry's bin on the up and up for a while now....Out of the four album's i've binwaiting for,3 have so far met my expectations. They are BankyW's The W experience,Omawumi's Wonder Woman and Lami Phillips's Intuition. The jury's still out on 9ice's tradition...I havtat give that one anoda listen. Ur album collection's not complete wivout these albums this Xmas. Go n get em!

-Ok I studied geology but all the offers I keep getting seem to be in the PR/Entertainment circle....hmnn maybe God's tryna tell me something...

-I've finally gotten a blackberry....omo money for BIS ain't beans o....Hustle n Grind time!

-This blog closing bug almost caught me a few weeks back...but NEVER! I ain't closing this! So to ScribbleMeFree, rayo nall odas dat have either abandoned or closed their blogs,here's some strenght!! Yall can do it!!

-Maintaining a double id isn't easy o...Like on twirra for example.I have my real life id and d Qube Id ( bt Qube rarely tweets unlike d real me....a tweet a min :)

-Ok I tinki'm done for now...wil get back andpostsomething more substantial real soon folks.