Sunday, September 19, 2010



two posts in 24 hours....thats odd.

So Calabar girl's going back to school. Even though I tried so hard,I think I fell for her a bit.

Hold up hold up,u don't know who calabar girl is do ya? My bad my bad..................
*sfx of flashback*

'Bout a month ago she came into my life thru twitter. 5'9 of dark chubby akwa ibom goodness. God damn she's thick n sexy. And her cuteness is so much its painful to look at. the way her nose scrunches up wen she laughs and d sxy way she bites her lip.......sigh.

#np Butterflies - Alicia Keys

Why do I always fall for the unavailable? Of course she HAD to have a fiance abroad she wasn't gonna cheat on. We became close soo fast it made us dizzy. First time she came to my house she slept over. that was d worst nights I've had in a while. Had 3 nightmares back to back. You would too if you were stuck in bed wiv a sexy chic wearing ur tshirt and snugglin her warm gorgeous butt in ur groin while snoring quietly.

#np Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke

Que hates me for not making a move. She stated clearly she would not give me some and I wasn't in d mood for seducing abeg. So Que can go cross express blindfolded.

Neways she's going back to school. I'm happy bcos wiv her gone my feelings will die a nautral death. But it sucks. It sicks that she smells so damn good. It sucks that she would have been mine if she was single. It sucks that she loves hanging out with me and cooking for me but can't be with me. Not even as friends with benefits. Urgh.

This is why I had been keeping clear of feelings and emotion all this while. They are messy things.Especially when you know things are futile from the start.

#np Emotional Rollercoaster - Vivian Green

The one girl I've met in d last year that I can actually give myself to and she's not available. Fate you had better be prepared for when we meet because I'm gonna explode a supernova of pain on your world.

I hate that I'm like this......and who made this damn playlist spewing love songs??!!!!


#np Love of My Life - Brian McKnight

i dunno

yeah like the title...

I dunno what I'm gonna write here....seems whenever the words come I don't put them down...then wen I wanna blog they slip from my mind's fingers like eels.....

Someone made me feel the fact that I'm single acutely recently......urgh.
Twas like I should get a gf that instant.i wanted to smother sme1 in kisses and affection and have mad PDA and trade I love Yous back and forth. Its been like 2 years.i should have let go and i have but the fear of letting go like that again cripples me emotionally. Sigh..... guess I am still a big softie no matter how much 'Bad Guys' I wanna do. Its crazy.

I wanna date a calabar girl. And no its not because of their famed prowess in bed or in the kitchen......... Ok fine it is but still I'm curious.....

Work's killing me.i'm doing like 3 people's work. Its not kosher men. Boss better hurry and hire new people else he'll have a broken down Qube on his hands.I love my job but not that much.

Aii I'm outta here. When i get the words I'll do a full post. Cioa!

Now playing: Say Yes - Floetry
I love these girls.Why did they break up? Love making music toh quality ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


hi folks....

I know its been a while...been going through changes...

Started working in a PR/Artist management firm...its freaking awesome!!! I've met all the top stars in d inudstry,n I get to listen to sooo much new music it should be illegal. my best part (and my job) is pushing music online. Introducing people to awesome music is just....*sigh*

Still on the celibacy year I don try oh......

Now I'v decided to drop the good boy side of me and embrace Que more.....this emotions thing is just a fucking trip I swear.....been a bad guy is much more fun. Maybe I'll finallyy break my celibacy with a 4 hour bang-a-thon.....

A girl i've been hanging with offered me her virginity recently..................yeah d expression on your face right now is the same I had when she offered it..........

some people think i shouldn't embrace que....right like been good has rocked so far *hissing*

neways I promise to update regularly......I miss this place 8walking around and dusting cobwebs off everything*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First post of the Year

Hello yall......

I know I know its already Feb n I'm just posting... dunno why though...
Whenever I wanna start its likesomething just blocks my thinking process...neways I've broken thru it.I Think.
I really dont have much to say fa now.Stil need to coelase my thots in2 a continous train so I can put it down...This year's started sort of topsy turvy for me. Just hope I don't end up doing something stupid :)

Later yall