Monday, October 29, 2012

its been a while


Its bin a while.

Had back and a new job......realised within a week that i hate my new job...........

it sucks when you don't know exactly what you want.....and what u do want is not within your reach. And you pray and work and try and it is still not there.

Sigh. Let me not even talk about women..........

The one person i want right now is miles away from me. I can't do an LDR. So she is withdrawing from me. Sucks when you lose a friend because you can't date the person.

Even when it is just supposed to be about sex its still sucking. Like who did i offend oh? Kilode? I'm sorry! I won't do it again!!

I'm just going to go now :(

PS: This is my 90th post. You would think I would have passed 90 all this time. Qube do better ma nigga